Test Bank Download for Living Theater: A History of Theater 7th Edition by Wilson

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Test Bank Download for Living Theater: A History of Theater 7th Edition by Edwin Wilson, Alvin Goldfarb ISBN: 9780393640229

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Test Bank Download for Living Theatre 7th edition by Edwin Wilson , Alvin Goldfarb ISBN 978-0-393-64022-9

An accessible, engaging history that brings theatre’s past to life.

Focused on the cultural relevance of theatre. Written in an engaging style. Designed to be accessible to undergraduates. Living Theatre is the most popular text for theatre history courses. The Seventh Edition builds on these strengths with “Past and Present”—a NEW feature that focuses on connections between theatre’s long history and the practice of theatre today—and with a brilliant NEW design that highlights the beauty and excitement of the art of theatre.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Theatre: Its Origins and Its History

Part One Early Theatres
Chapter 2 Greek Theatre
Chapter 3 Roman Theatre
Chapter 4 Early Asian Theatres
Chapter 5 Medieval Theatres in Europe

Part Two Theatres of The Renaissance
Chapter 6 The Theatre of the Italian Renaissance
Chapter 7 The Theatre of the English Renaissance
Chapter 8 The Spanish Golden Age and French Neoclassical Theatres

Part Three Theatres from 1660 To 1875

Chapter 9 The Theatre of the English Restoration
Chapter 10 Theatres in the Eighteenth Century
Chapter 11 Theatres from 1800 to 1875

Part Four Modern Theatres
Chapter 12 Theatres from 1875 to 1915
Chapter 13 Theatres from 1915 to 1950
Chapter 14 Theatres after 1950: Traditional and Experimental
Chapter 15 Theatres after 1950: Multicultural and Global