Test Bank For Criminal Investigation 12th Edition By Swanson

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Test Bank For Criminal Investigation 12th Edition By Charles Swanson,Neil Chamelin,Leonard Territo,Robert W Taylor,ISBN10: 0078026571,ISBN13: 9780078026577

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Test Bank For Criminal Investigation 12th Edition By Swanson

Test Bank For Criminal Investigation 12th Edition By Charles Swanson,Neil Chamelin,Leonard Territo,Robert W Taylor,ISBN10: 0078026571,ISBN13: 9780078026577

Table of Content

Swanson: Criminal Investigation, 12e

CHAPTER 1: The Evolution of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science

CHAPTER 2: Legal Aspects of Investigation

CHAPTER 3: Investigators, the Investigative Process, and the Crime Scene

CHAPTER 4: Physical Evidence

CHAPTER 5: Interviewing and Interrogation

CHAPTER 6: Field Notes and Reporting

CHAPTER 7: The Follow-Up Investigation and Investigative Resources

CHAPTER 8: The Crime Laboratory

CHAPTER 9: Injury and Death Investigations

CHAPTER 10: Sex-Related Offenses

CHAPTER 11: Crimes against Children

CHAPTER 12: Human Trafficking

CHAPTER 13: Robbery

CHAPTER 14: Burglary

CHAPTER 15: Larceny/Theft and White-Collar Crime

CHAPTER 16: Vehicle Thefts and Related Offenses

CHAPTER 17: Cybercrime

CHAPTER 18: Agricultural, Wildlife, and Environmental Crimes

CHAPTER 19: Arson and Explosives Investigations

CHAPTER 20: Recognition, Control, and Investigation of Drug Abuse

CHAPTER 21: Terrorism

CHAPTER 22: The Trial Process and the Investigator as a Witness

About the Author

Charles Swanson

Charles Mike R. Swanson holds a B.A. and M.A. in criminology from Florida State University and a Ph.D. in public administration from the University of Georgia, where he is a faculty member in the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. His primary responsibilities include providing applied research, technical assistance, and training to Georgia units of state and local government. A former patrol officer and detective with the Tampa Police Department, he also served as senior police planner and acting deputy director of the Florida Governor’s Law Enforcement Council. Dr. Swanson has coauthored five books and is the author or coauthor of numerous monographs, articles, and conference papers.

Neil Chamelin

Neil C. Chamelin, an attorney, is a hearing officer in the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles. He previously served as director of Criminal Justice Programs for Troy State University–European Region; director of the Florida Police Standards and Training Commission; division director, Standards and Training Division; Florida Department of Law Enforcement; Administrator of the Police Science Division, Institute of Government at the University of Georgia; and director of the Florida Institute for Law Enforcement. He has served as a police officer in Sarasota, Florida. He is the coauthor of Criminal Law for Police Officers, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and Police Personnel Selection Process.

Leonard Territo

Leonard Territo is professor of criminology at the University of South Florida. Previously, he was chief deputy of the Leon County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office, and served for nine years in the patrol, traffic, detective, and personnel and training divisions of the Tampa Police Department. He is former chairperson of the Department of Police Administration at St. Petersburg Junior College, where he also directed specialized continuing education programs for police officers through the Florida Institute for Law Enforcement. He has authored or coauthored numerous articles and technical reports, as well as eight books, including Police Administration: Structures, Process, and Behavior, and Crime and Justice in America.

Robert W Taylor

Robert W. Taylor holds a Ph.D. in urban studies from Portland State University. He is professor and director, Justice Administration and Leadership Program, Department of Criminology at the University of Texas–Dallas. He was founding director of the Caruth Police Institute. He served as a sworn police officer and major crimes detective in Portland, OR, and as consultant to various U.S. and international criminal justice agencies. He has authored or coauthored more than 150 articles, books, and manuscripts on police administration, contemporary police problems, international and domestic terrorism, human and drug trafficking, computer fraud, and criminal justice policy. Dr. Taylor received the University of North Texas Regent’s Lecture Award (2003) for his work in the Middle East, and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences presented Dr. Taylor with the O.W. Wilson Award (2008) for his contribution to police education, research, and practice.