Test Bank For International Business 2nd Edition By Geringer

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Test Bank For International Business 2nd Edition By Michael Geringer, Jeanne McNett, Donald Ball, ISBN 10: 1259685225, ISBN 13: 9781259685224

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Test Bank For International Business 2nd Edition By Geringer

Test Bank For International Business 2nd Edition By Michael Geringer, Jeanne McNett, Donald Ball, ISBN 10: 1259685225, ISBN 13: 9781259685224

Table Of Content

Module 1 The Challenging Context of International Business 2

Module 2 International Trade and Investment 28

Module 3 Sociocultural Forces 60

Module 4 Sustainability and Natural Resources 90

Module 5 Political Forces That Affect Global Trade 124

Module 6 Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Forces 154

Module 7 Economic and Socioeconomic Forces 184

Module 8 The International Monetary System and Financial Forces 214

Module 9 International Competitive Strategy 240

Module 10 Organizational Design and Control 266

Module 11 Global Leadership Issues and Practices 292

Module 12 International Markets: Assessment and Entry Modes 318

Module 13 Marketing Internationally 340

Module 14 Managing Human Resources in an International Context 370

Module 15 International Accounting and Financial Management 410

Bonus Module A International Institutions from a Business Perspective 434

Bonus Module  B Export and Import Practices 464

Bonus Module  C Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 490

About the Author

Michael Geringer

Professor of strategy and international management at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. He earned a BS in business at Indiana University and MBA and PhD degrees at the University of Washington. He has authored or edited 14 books and monographs, over 110 published papers, and over 35 case studies; he serves on the editorial boards of several leading international academic journals; he served as the Saastamoinen Foundation Chair at the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland; he was the founding chair of the Strategic Alliances Committee of the Licensing Executives Society; he served as the chair of both the International Business and the Strategy and Policy divisions of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada; and he is past chairperson of the Academy of Management’s International Management division. His research has appeared in the Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of International Management, Columbia Journal of World Business, Management International Review, Journal of Management Studies, Human Resource Management Journal, Long Range Planning, Organisation Studies, and Journal of Applied Psychology, among others. He has received 11 “best paper” awards for his research, including the Decade Award for most influential article from the Journal of International Business Studies. His teaching performance has earned numerous awards in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe, including the University Distinguished Teacher Award. He was the first recipient of the International Educator Award from Cal Poly, and he endowed a scholarship for students to work and study internationally.

Jeanne McNett

Professor of management at Assumption College, in Worcester, Massachusetts. She earned a Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MBA at the Cass School of Business, City University, London. She has had expatriate assignments in Germany, the UK, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Korea. Her interests include the role of culture in international business and the pedagogy of international management. Her publications include The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management. Vol. VI: International Management, 2nd ed., Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing (2005); and The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management, Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing (2004). Her teaching, research and presentations have received many awards, including The Roethlisberger Best Paper of the Year Award from the Journal of Management Education and the Alpha Phi Alpha Teacher of the Year Award. Her articles have been included in journals and collections focused on teaching in the area of international business. She is an avid master rower and enjoys running, reading, and gardening.

Donald Ball

Consultant to multinational corporations, was a professor of marketing and international business for several years after leaving industry. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Florida. Ball has published articles in the Journal of International Business Studies and other publications. Before obtaining his doctorate, he spent 15 years in various marketing and production management positions in Mexico, South America, and Europe.