Test Bank Download for Principles of Macroeconomics 3rd edition by Coppock

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Test Bank for Download Principles of Microeconomics 3rd edition by Dirk Mateer, Lee Coppock ISBN: 9780393428582

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Test Bank for Download  Principles of Microeconomics 3rd edition by Dirk Mateer, Lee Coppock ISBN: 9780393428582

Relatable economics is memorable economics

Widely praised by adopters as the most relatable textbook available, Mateer and Coppock’s Third Edition of Principles of Economics develops students’ problem-solving skills with step-by-step explanations and familiar applications and examples. Student-centered instructor support—carefully developed to reinforce learning—puts award-winning engagement techniques at your fingertips from the authors’ over 40 years of teaching. When combined with robust online learning tools offering adaptive study and problem-solving practice, Principles of Economics makes economics memorable for an exam and a lifetime.

Table of Content


Part I  Introduction

1: Five Foundations of Economics

2: Model Building and Gains from Trade

Appendix 2A: Graphs in Economics


Part II  The Role of Markets

3: The Market at Work: Supply and Demand

Appendix 3A: Changes in Both Demand and Supply

4: Elasticity

5: Market Outcomes and Tax Incidence

6: Price Controls

7: Market Inefficiencies: Externalities and Public Goods


Part III  The Theory of the Firm

8: Business Costs and Production

9: Firms in a Competitive Market

10: Understanding Monopoly

11: Price Discrimination

12: Monopolistic Competition and Advertising

13: Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior


Part IV  Labor Markets and Earnings

14: The Demand and Supply of Resources

15: Income, Inequality, and Poverty


Part V  Special Topics in Microeconomics 

16: Consumer Choice

Appendix 16A: Indifference Curve Analysis

17: Behavioral Economics and Risk Taking

18: Health Insurance and Health Care

19: International Trade