Test Bank For Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition 11th Edition By Bredbenner

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Test Bank For Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition 11th Edition By Carol Byrd-Bredbenner,Gaile Moe,Jacqueline Berning,Danita Kelley,ISBN10: 1259709981,ISBN13: 9781259709982

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Test Bank For Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition 11th Edition By Bred benner

Test Bank For Wardlaw’s Perspectives in Nutrition 11th Edition By Carol Byrd-Bredbenner,Gaile Moe,Jacqueline Berning,Danita Kelley,ISBN10: 1259709981,ISBN13: 9781259709982

Table of Content
Part 1 Nutrition Fundamentals
Chapter: 1 The Science of Nutrition
Chapter: 2 Tools of a Healthy Diet
Chapter: 3 The Food Supply
Chapter: 4 Human Digestion and Absorption
Part 2 Energy-Yielding Nutrients and Alcohol
Chapter: 5 Carbohydrates
Chapter: 6 Lipids
Chapter: 7 Protein
Chapter: 8 Alcohol
Part 3 Metabolism and Energy Balance
Chapter: 9 Energy Metabolism
Chapter: 10 Energy Balance, Weight Control, and Eating Disorders
Chapter: 11 Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports
Part 4 Vitamins and Minerals
Chapter: 12 The Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Chapter: 13 The Water-Soluble Vitamins
Chapter: 14 Water and Major Minerals
Chapter: 15 Trace Minerals
Part 5 Nutrition Applications in the Life Cycle
Chapter: 16 Nutritional Aspects of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Chapter: 17 Nutrition during the Growing Years
Chapter: 18 Nutrition during the Adult Years
A Human Physiology: A Tool for Understanding Nutrition
B Chemistry: A Tool for Understanding Nutrition
C Detailed Descriptions of Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, Classes of Eicosanoids, and Homocysteine Metabolism
D Dietary Advice for Canadians
E The Food Lists for Diabetes: A Helpful Menu Planning Tool
F Fatty Acids, Including Omega-3 Fatty Acides, in Foods
G Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Height-Weight Table and Determination of Frame Size
H English-Metric Conversions and Nutrition Calculations
I Caffeine Content of Beverages, Foods, and Over-the-Counter Drugs
J Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI)
K CDC Growth Charts
L Sources of Nutrition Information
M Dietary Intake and Energy Expenditure Assessment
N Food Composition Table

About the Author

Carol Byrd-Bredbenner

Carol Byrd-Bredbenner earned her doctorate from Pennsylvania State University. She is Distinguished Professor in the Nutritional Sciences Department at Rutgers University, and she teaches a range of nutrition courses. Her research interests include investigating environmental factors that affect dietary choices and health outcomes. Dr. Byrd-Bredbenner has authored numerous nutrition texts, journal articles, and computer software packages. She has received teaching awards from the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), Society for Nutrition Education, and US Department of Agriculture. She was the recipient of the American Dietetic Association’s Anita Owen Award for Innovative Nutrition Education Programs. She also was a Fellow of the United Nations, World Health Organization at the WHO Collaborating Center for Nutrition Education. She enjoys exploring food and culinary customs, traveling, diving, and gardening.

Gaile Moe

Gaile L. Moe earned her doctorate in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Washington. She is a registered dietitian who has worked in clinical nutrition, research, and management, as well as dietetics education. She previously directed the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Seattle Pacific University and now serves as the Director of General Education. She has published in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of nutrition and cancer and media reporting of nutrition research. She enjoys swimming, cycling, walking, and hiking, along with learning about culinary traditions, food, and food policy.

Jacqueline Berning

Jacqueline R. Berning earned her doctorate in Nutrition from Colorado State University. She is Professor and Chair of the Health Science Department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS), where she has won numerous teaching awards. Dr. Berning is published in the area of sports dietetics and has been the sport dietitian for the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Indians, and Colorado Rockies. Currently, she is the sport dietitian for UCCS athletics and US Lacrosse. She is active in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, where she served as Chair of the Program Planning Committee for FNCE and is currently Chair of the Appeals Committee. In 2014, Dr. Berning was awarded the Mary Abbot Hess Award for Culinary Events. Additionally, she served 6 years as an ADA spokesperson and is former Chair of the Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionists dietetics practice group. She enjoys walking, hiking, and gardening.

Danita Kelley

Danita Sazon Kelley earned her doctorate in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Kentucky. She serves as Associate Dean of the College of Health and Human Services and is Professor in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at Western Kentucky University. Previously, Dr. Kelley was Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Western Kentucky University. She is a Past President of the Board of Directors for the Kentucky Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her scholarly work has focused on healthy eating of adolescents, communication skills of dietetic students, histaminergic activity and regulation of food intake, and dietary restriction effects on the antioxidant defense system. She has received numerous awards for teaching, and she enjoys singing, walking her dog, cheering for her family in water-ski competitions, and watching her children participate in athletic and musical endeavors.